Do I have to use two doctors for dental implants?

No, you do not have to use two doctors. Many general dentists place implants and also do the restorations. In other cases, the implant is placed by a specialist and the general dentist places the restoration. The best choice depends on the skill of each individual and the complexity of the procedure. Implant placements requiring bone grafting, near nerves or other anatomical challenges may be best done by a specialist although there are certainly some general dentists who can handle these cases as well. If your dentist is recommending that you see a specialist to place the implant there is probably a specific reason, if you are not sure, ask your dentist for additional information.
Many dental implant procedures are done with the teamwork of an oral surgeon, who places the implant, post, and/or bone graft, and a dentist or periodontist, who places the crown. Some oral surgeons or dentists can do both, so you would only have to see one doctor. Talk to your dentist about how your care might be coordinated.

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