Do dental implants need to be checked or maintained?

Carol Jahn
Implants should be cleaned, checked, and maintained on a regular basis similar to natural teeth. In the dental office, special instruments are used to clean the implant to prevent scratching. The doctor will also check for any infection or bone loss around the implant. How often you need to have the implant cleaned and checked will depend on your oral and medical health status. At home, you should brush the implant as you would your natural teeth. You may also wish to add a Water Flosser to your implant cleaning routine. The Water Flosser is safe to use around implants and has been shown to be effective in maintaining gum health around implants.
Hyun J. Song, DDS

Dental implants, unlike natural teeth, have very weak "attachment" to tissue hence allowing infection to get worsen at faster rate. Most literature recommends getting maintenance cleaning around implants every 3-4 months to prevent any potential complications arising from the minor inflammation or infection.

Implants need to be cleaned just like real teeth. Dental hygienists can take care of implants and surrounding gum tissue l. But it is important that you practice good oral hygiene, such as brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily. This will help keep your dental implants clean and the surrounding bone and tissues healthy. Your dental implant dentist may need to check up on the implant two or three times a year. With good maintenance and routine dentist visits, there is no reason your implants cannot last a very long time, even a lifetime.

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