Will getting a metal dental crown hurt?

There is some slight discomfort involved with getting a metal crown. This is largely due to the fact that the dentist will need to give you a shot in your cheek or gum to numb the around your tooth. The shot contains anesthesia designed to dull sensation so you won’t feel pain while the dentist prepares your tooth for a metal dental crown. But the initial prick from the needle may sting or pinch a bit. The good news is that the dentist can rub an anesthetic gel on the injection site beforehand to reduce this stinging sensation.

You may also feel uncomfortable during the procedure because you will need to hold your mouth wide open for a long time. Otherwise, you should not feel extreme pain while the dentist sculpts your tooth so that a metal dental crown will fit over it. Raise your hand during the procedure if it hurts too much and you can’t speak. This will signal the dentist to stop what he or she is doing. The dentist can adjust the position of the dental tool or possibly administer more anesthetic if the area is not numb enough.

It usually takes two visits, spanning a couple of weeks, to complete a metal dental crown procedure. During the first visit, the dentist prepares the tooth for the crown and then has you bite down on a rubbery mold that will be used as a pattern to make the permanent crown.

You may leave the dental office with a sore face and jaw. The discomfort could increase when the anesthetic wears off a few hours later. Ask your dentist about prescription or over-the-counter medicine that you can take if you feel any pain after the procedure.

On the second visit, the dentist attaches the permanent metal dental crown with cement glue. He or she will have you try it on first and may also polish or shave it to make sure that it fits well. If the dentist numbs the tooth area for this part of the procedure, the lack of sensation may remain for a short period after you leave the dental office. If you eat or drink something during this time, be careful not to bite down too hard or sip something too hot.

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