What are the benefits of getting a dental crown?

There are several benefits to getting a dental crown placed, including:
  • A crown that fits correctly over your tooth can last for many years, even for decades.
  • A dental crown covers the tooth over which it is placed (think of it as a cap for your tooth), so it protects the tooth against tooth decay.
  • A crown can cover up a stained or unusually shaped tooth, adding to your self-confidence and giving you a nicer smile.
  • A crown can keep a cracked tooth together and prevent or delay having to have a tooth extracted by your dentist.
If you are unsure about whether getting a dental crown is a good idea for you, talk with your dentist. He or she can give you more information as well as information about possible alternatives.

Some of the benefits and reasons for getting a crown include:

  • strengthening teeth
  • restoring teeth to their natural shape and size
  • covering a dental implant
  • protecting a weak tooth from breaking or restoring a broken tooth
  • covering discolored teeth
  • attaching bridges
  • holding a filling
  • enhancing appearance

There are several benefits of a dental crown. First, a crown restores your tooth back to the original size, shape, and color of the original tooth. Second, a crown surrounds the tooth and makes it strong again. Badly broken or decayed teeth can be strengthened with a crown. This cannot be done with a filling alone. Crowns can also be used to close spaces between teeth and correct minor rotations and positions of the teeth. Your dentist can best advise you about your need for a crown.

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