Why is grilling vegetables healthy?

Grilling vegetables is generally healthier because it does not involve frying in oil or other unhealthy substances. It is most similar to baking. The vegetables themselves are healthy, and unlike cooking meat on an open flame, there should be no concern about creating hazardous substances from fat dripping into the open flame.
Bryce B. Wylde
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Grilling vegetables is an excellent way to get your family closer to, or sufficient in, the recommended optimal level of seven servings per day. In fact, grilling (without burning) your vegetables helps to release enzymes in the vegetable, which naturally increases its oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC value). ORAC is also known as the antioxidant level of that vegetable. Where this is not true for all vegetables (such as green leafy ones), lightly grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes, and the like that you would typically include in a vegetable kabob have a higher antioxidant value compared to their raw equivalents.

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