How is a condom used?

Condoms for men are usually made of latex (though other materials are available) and shaped like sheaths. A condom is placed over the penis before intercourse. It acts as a barrier by not allowing sperm to enter the vagina and cause pregnancy. Condoms also protect users from exposure to microbes that cause most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Female condoms are shaped like small pouches and inserted into the vagina prior to intercourse.

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How dangerous is it to have sex without a condom?
Univ. of Nev. School of Medicine, Family MedicineUniv. of Nev. School of Medicine, Family Medicine
Having sex without a condom increases your risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  You never ...
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Can we use plastic wrap or a balloon if we don't have a condom?
Carlos Mirabal, NASM Elite TrainerCarlos Mirabal, NASM Elite Trainer
Absolutely not.  Do not use plastic wrap or a balloon in place of a condom.  Condoms are made specif...
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What's the right way to use a condom?
Dr. Michael Roizen, MDDr. Michael Roizen, MD
Studies of condom use consistently show that people just don't get it right. Don't assume that y...
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How can I ask my boyfriend to use a condom?
Self checSelf chec
You can send a CaringCard at: It's a special kind of free ...
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