What are the advantages of angioplasty?

The most common advantage of angioplasty is the minimal invasiveness of it. Further, given the right patient and population, angioplasty can prevent you from having major open-heart surgery. Another advantage is that angioplasty can be done at the time of a heart catheterization. Disadvantages of angioplasty and stenting include the need for repeat procedures and the need for taking dual antiplatelet therapies. Not all arteries and not all patients are candidates for angioplasty. Your doctor decides about an angioplasty using information from several sources, including a stress test that can be done in the office or hospital; an electrocardiogram (ECG) findings during a heart attack or fractional flow reserve (FFR), an invasive stress test with wire done within the artery during the time of a heart catheterization.

Angioplasty offers several obvious advantages:

  • The operation is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Although invasive, it does not involve surgery or the use of a heart-lung machine.
  • It is not as costly as coronary bypass surgery, nor does it involve more than one or two days of hospitalization under ordinary circumstances.

Unfortunately, it is not appropriate for all types of coronary artery disease, nor does it work in all people.

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