How often should I check my blood pressure at home?

Monitor your blood pressure at least 2 or 3 times a week, at different times of the day. When you're first diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension), you may be asked to take your blood pressure daily, sometimes even twice a day. Once your blood pressure becomes more stable, you can check it less often.

You should check your blood pressure at home at least once a day, three to five times a week. Two to three measurements a day would be ideal, but at least one, at different times of the day, is okay.

The morning blood pressure may be different than the afternoon blood pressure, which may be different than the evening blood pressure. Your doctor will want to see exactly what your blood pressure is and the time of day it is. You may be asked to keep a diary of that and bring it to the office visits so your doctor can keep track of your trends.

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