What is the most severe type of cavity decay?

Most dentists would say that a condition called rampant caries is the most severe form of tooth decay. Rampant caries is deep decay on multiple teeth. Generally speaking, the deeper the decay, the more severe the cavity is.
The most severe tooth decay penetrates through the enamel and the underlying dentin into the pulp chamber, which  is the inner part of the tooth containing the neres and blood vessels.. For such severe decay, the dentist may recommend a root canal and crown, or even extraction.

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Where in the mouth do cavities often develop?
American Dental AssociationAmerican Dental Association
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William M. Litaker Jr., DDSWilliam M. Litaker Jr., DDS
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When should I call my doctor if I have tooth decay?
William M. Litaker Jr., DDSWilliam M. Litaker Jr., DDS
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