How can pumping breast milk help my premature baby?

Pumping will help bring in a good supply of milk, so your baby won’t have to work so hard. Start this extra pumping right away, even if your milk isn’t in yet. Some mothers can squeeze milk out of their breasts by hand (hand express). Most find that a hospital-grade double electric breast pump is faster.

Here are some guidelines for pumping:

       • After breastfeeding, pump or hand express your milk into a bottle
         for at least 10 minutes.

      • Give your baby the pumped breast milk as a supplement after 
         breast-feeding. Refrigerate or freeze what she doesn’t drink, for
         later use.

      • Keep pumping and supplementing until your baby is past her due
        date, and is gaining 4 to 8 ounces each week. Then you can
        gradually reduce how much you give her as a supplement to

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