How can I keep my preterm baby warm?

Late preterm babies often have trouble staying warm. Their bodies may have to work extra hard to warm themselves -- which means there is less energy for eating and growing. Luckily, you can do a lot to help your baby stay warm. Here are some ideas:

One of the very best ways to keep your baby warm is to hold him close to you. Skin-to-skin contact -- sometimes called “kangaroo care” -- is especially good. Not only does it keep your baby warm, but it also helps him relax and improves his heart rate and breathing. It’s a great way to get your baby to eat, and both Mom and Dad can do it! Here’s how:
  • Undress your baby down to his diaper.
  • Remove your own clothing above the waist. If you’re wearing a bra, take that off, too.
  • Put a blanket over both of you to keep warm.
When your baby is not skin-to-skin, wrap him in a blanket and put a hat on him.

Most babies like to stay curled up in the fetal position. But your late preterm baby may not be strong enough to hold a nice, tight position. If you help him, he will stay warmer and use less energy. Try the following tips:
  • When breastfeeding, hold your baby in a crosscradle or football-hold position. Place his hands on either side of your breast so they are close to his face.
  • When holding your baby, cradle him closely in your arms and tuck his legs in close to his body.
  • When carrying your baby, carry him snuggled close to your body in your arms or curled up in a baby carrier. If you are using a sling-style baby carrier, check your baby often to make sure he is breathing properly.

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