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Can I breastfeed if I am a vegetarian?

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    Yes, absolutely! Breastfeeding is considered the Gold standard of nourishment for your baby. Make sure you are consuming adequate calories. The recommended caloric intake is 500 calories above your usual intake. Being a vegetarian you will also need to make sure you diet is rich in calcium, Vitamin D, iron, zinc, Vitamin B-12, and protein. 

  • As long as your diet is well-balanced and not restrictive, your breast milk will provide your baby with the necessary nutrients. However, many vegetarians have difficulty getting enough protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12, so take special care to incorporate foods with these nutrients into your diet. Good sources of vitamin B-12 that are not animal products include yeast, soymilk, cereal, and other soy products that are fortified with this vitamin.
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    Absolutely, breastfeeding is a very special experience and one which provides your baby with the best source of nutrition.  However, if you are vegetarian do ensure that your diet is well-balanced, varied and adequate in calories, protein and nutrients in the right amounts to meet both your needs for lactation.  Consider seeing a registered dietitian specializing in vegetarian nutrition to assess your individual needs and guide you through this process. 

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