What are the severity levels of canker sores?

Canker sores are typically a minor problem, and they go away on their own within a week. They can return and be just one or several.

However, if they last longer than a week, see your dentist. He or she can diagnose the problem and offer treatment. A secondary infection could occur, or they can be the sign of a greater problem such a disease or disorder. Timely diagnosis and treatment is important.

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How soon do canker sores heal?
Canker sores may take one and two weeks to heal. Some products may reduce the time they take to heal...
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How do canker sores develop?
American Dental AssociationAmerican Dental Association
A canker sore usually begins as a red spot or bump. It may produce a tingling or burning sensati...
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What are canker sores?
Joan Haizlip, MSNJoan Haizlip, MSN
Canker sores are small, shallow ulcers that develop in your mouth. The medical term for canker sores...
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As a Teen, What Can I Do About My Canker Sores?
As a Teen, What Can I Do About My Canker Sores?

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