What are the side effects of Hep-Lock U/P?

In rare cases, Hep-Lock U/P (heparin lock flush solution) may cause a severe allergic reaction that leads to difficulty breathing, swelling in the face or throat, fever, and hives. If you develop these symptoms while Hep-Lock U/P is being administered, emergency medical assistance is warranted. Hep-Lock U/P may increase your risk for uncontrolled bleeding. Tell your doctor right away if you develop unusual bruising, persistent nosebleeds, or bloody stools after using Hep-Lock U/P. Other serious side effects of Hep-Lock U/P may include:

  • pain or numbness in the arms and legs
  • confusion
  • vision changes
  • slurred speech
  • chest pain

Other side effects may be possible, so talk to your doctor if any new or unusual symptoms develop during or after treatment with Hep-Lock U/P.