What should I know about acetaminophen with codeine before taking it?

You should not perform activities that require full alertness while on acetaminophen with codeine because it decreases your level of alertness and ability to concentrate. Additionally, taking acetaminophen with codeine after a head injury may make it difficult to discern signs of your condition worsening. As codeine may upset your stomach, take it with food if needed. While taking this drug, stand or sit up slowly to prevent lightheadedness or fainting.

It is important that you notify your doctor about all other medications or supplements that you are taking, in order to avoid drug interactions. Combining acetaminophen with codeine with other narcotic or sedative drugs will increase the risk of side effects.

Before taking this drug, read labels carefully and make sure to tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, particularly asthma or other lung conditions, seizure disorders, gastrointestinal problems, bowel ulcers or inflammation, gallbladder problems, Addison's disease, heart problems, liver problems, overactive thyroid, prostate issues, kidney problems or urinary problems. Older adults may be more likely to experience side effects (especially breathing problems and drowsiness) and may need an adjustment in dosage. Talk to your doctor if you drink more than three alcoholic drinks daily, as acetaminophen can cause liver damage, especially when taken with alcohol. This drug may contain sulfites, which could cause an allergic reaction in some people. Do not take acetaminophen with codeine with other medications that also contain acetaminophen. Long-term use of codeine may cause drug dependence.

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