If I take Percocet daily, could I become addicted?

It's possible to become addicted to the pain medication Percocet (oxycodone and acetaminophen) because oxycodone is a narcotic. Addiction means compulsively needing to take a drug even though it's not necessary for a medical reason -- in other words, you find you have to take Percocet even though you don't need pain relief. Anyone can become addicted to a drug, but people with a history of addiction or alcoholism are at increased risk, so if you have such a history and your doctor prescribes Percocet, speak up about your history so that he or she can watch you carefully while you're on the drug. To minimize the risk of becoming addicted to Percocet, follow your doctor's instructions for taking it exactly. Only take Percocet for the period of time your doctor prescribes it and only at the recommended dose.

Keep in mind that physical dependency on a drug is not the same as addiction, although both can occur. It's not uncommon to become physically dependent on Percocet if you take it for a few weeks. That means if you stop taking Percocet suddenly, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. You can avoid this by going off Percocet slowly, under your doctor's guidance. Call your doctor or get emergency help if while stopping Percocet you start feeling restless, your nose runs excessively, your eyes become watery or your pupils become dilated, you start sweating and have chills, or your muscles ache. These are just a few symptoms you might experience from withdrawal, so get medical help for other worrisome symptoms.

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