What is the difference between normal aging and dementia?

As we age, our bodies and all our organ systems begin to age as well. This is pretty obvious as many elderly people become frail and skin begins to wrinkle, which are the most obvious signs. The same thing can happen to our minds as well. As we age our brains can atrophy, which can lead to some symptoms of forgetfulness. The difference between dementia and normal aging is the ability to function and complete daily activities of living such as shopping, cooking, brushing teeth, and so forth. A person with dementia will have difficulty with theses tasks as well as memory issues. To distinguish between dementia and normal aging, we need to watch for symptoms such as repetitive questing, decreased organization, forgetting recent events, changes in hygiene and so forth. The best defense against dementia and forgetfulness is to keep an active mind and learn new things.

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