5 Kitchen Hacks to Help You Eat Healthier

How to eat less every day—without realizing it.

Updated on September 6, 2023

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We all know that eating nutrient-dense foods, practicing portion control, and exercising are vital steps in helping you manage your weight. But did you know that the way your kitchen is organized may influence your weight management efforts, too?

Try these quick, simple-to-implement kitchen hacks to help support your overall healthy lifestyle. 

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Eat from smaller plates

Some diet and nutrition experts recommend that using a larger plate can hamper weight-management efforts. For one, when you use a larger plate, you may be tempted to add more food to the plate. What's more, a simple optical illusion may contribute to overeating: The white space around food on a dish can make the serving look smaller than it actually is, leading you to serve yourself more.

The solution is easy: Use 8- to 10-inch dishes for high-calorie foods and 12-inch dishes for fresh veggies and lean proteins.

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Use tall, skinny glasses

Just like your plates, drinking glasses can trick you into drinking more—or fewer—calories. When drinking beverages other than water, use tall, skinny glasses, rather than short, wide glasses, to feel fuller faster.

Want to double-down on calorie savings? Swap your high-sugar soda or juice for an extra glass of water or flavored seltzer.

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Reorganize the refrigerator

This kitchen hack only takes a few minutes and can have a serious impact: Move healthy foods to the front of your fridge and less-healthy, high-calorie foods to the back or bottom shelves. That way, nutrient-rich foods will be the first thing you see (and reach for) during meal prep—or late-night snack sessions.

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Don’t leave serving dishes out

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” has some truth when it comes to healthy eating. You can avoid the temptation of a second (or third) serving at dinner by simply eating away from where food is served. In other words, leave the serving dishes in the kitchen, which forces you to get up and walk to serve yourself more.

If eating in another room isn’t an option in your house, plate your food and put your leftovers away before eating your meal.

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De-clutter the kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and de-cluttered may help cut caloric intake. Some research suggests that a chaotic environment can cause stress, which may lead to snacking, overeating, or opting for more indulgent, less healthy foods at mealtime.

It also helps to be mindful of what you leave out on the counter. Stash packaged snacks in a closet or pantry and consider instead setting a simple bowl of fresh fruit on your counter. Seeing such an attractive (and convenient) option will make you more likely to grab something healthy when you walk by.

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