What is a traditional surgery for sinusitis?

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    In traditional sinus surgery, an opening is made into the sinus. The opening may be made from inside the mouth or through the skin of the face.

    • There are a number of possible approaches depending on the location of the infected sinus and what the doctor prefers.
    • Working through the incision, the doctor can remove tissue that is blocking the sinus and preventing drainage.
    • More extensive procedures may involve leaving a temporary opening to help drain the infection.

    Most of these procedures require admission to a hospital.

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  • ASanford Health answered
    In the past, "traditional" surgery for chronic sinusitis meant making a hole in the sinuses using cutting or biting instruments so that the sinuses could drain more easily. Now a less invasive procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty is our first choice to be performed in the vast majority of our patients. Balloon Sinuplasty is much less invasive, has as good or better results than "traditional" surgery and can be performed either in the office or in surgery.
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