Periodontal Diseases

What is a Periotemp?

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  • ARealAge answered
    Periotemp is a special thermometer that helps your dentist diagnose the health of your gums. This computerized device measures the temperature between your teeth and gum to determine the potential for gum disease. Areas considered "hot" are sites of active gum disease, while green areas indicate healthy gums. Once your dentist has pinpointed the problem area, he can treat the gum disease without involving the rest of your mouth.
  • ADr. Benjamin S Fiss DDS, Dentist, answered

    The Periotemp, a special computerized thermometer for your gums, is used to check to see if there are "hot spots" in your mouth. These hot spots are locations of elevated temperature that warn of the potential for disease before you are aware of any problem. Using a color monitor, audio system, and computer printout, the Periotemp painlessly enables your dentist to evaluate the health of your gums and select the most effective treatment for prevention or correction.

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