Depression Action Plans

Depression can be overwhelming -- if you let it. Use our action plans to take control of your mental health.

Boost Your Mood Stave Off Stress Adopt a Depression-Easing Diet Learn About Antidepressants Track Your Depression

What's Your RealAge?

Find out how depression is affecting your RealAge and learn ways to grow younger.

Take the RealAge Test

Take the RealAge Test

Depression Videos

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Good-Mood Food

Good-Mood Food

The Anti-Depression Diet

Many of the ingredients in this easy dish contain nutrients that have been shown to help with depression -- including omega-3s in the fish and antioxidants in the veggies.

Eat smart

Move to Ease Your Mind

Move to Ease Your Mind

Walk Off the Blues

Research shows that for many people with depression, exercise can be as effective as drugs for treating symptoms. Walking is a great place to start. It's easy to do, and if you take it . . . 

Get moving


When I was first diagnosed with depression (and bipolar disorder), I had a lot of preconceived notions about what it was to be treated for a mental illness. First, I didn’t consider depression to be a real illness, so I was pretty suspicious of the fact that I had it. I was also very against the concept of medication. This isn't surprising, since I didn't buy into the whole idea of . . . 

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