4 Resources for Patients with Endometriosis

Four places to learn more about endo and connect with other endo patients.

Medically reviewed in April 2021

While endometriosis can feel overwhelming, remember that you are not alone. There are millions of women worldwide who have endo, as well as groups and organizations working to spread awareness, increase understanding, lend support and advocate for everyone affected by this condition. If you or someone close to you has endo, these four sites are all worth a visit.

Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA)
If you’re looking to learn more about endo or participate in research, the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) is a great starting point. This nonprofit organization has pages of information about the condition, including information on treatments, patient stories, ways to participate in the endo community and advice on finding a specialist. It also offers the opportunity to participate in research—including opportunities over the phone or online—to help improve the healthcare community’s understanding of endo. Visit the website at From there you can also check out EndoFound’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and Youtube Channel.
Whether you’re just starting to learn about endo or are ready for a deeper dive into your patient education, this site provides a ton of useful information, including an endo glossary and FAQ, detailed pages on different treatment options and a list of recommended books. Particularly helpful to new patients is a worksheet that can help you know what to expect—and give you ideas on what questions to ask—the first time you discuss treatment options with a healthcare provider. Visit

Emotional support can be an important part of managing endo, and it can be helpful to talk to other patients who are living with the condition. MyEndoMetriosisTeam is part online support group, part social network for women who have endo. It’s a place to ask questions, vent, make friends and share your knowledge and advice for other women with the condition. Membership is free, and you can log in with either an email address or a Facebook account. Visit
Talking about endo can be difficult, and this site aims to make it easier. Besides covering the basics on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options in a friendly and approachable way, it has great tips for talking about endometriosis. You’ll find questions to bring up during an appointment with a healthcare provider, videos to help you explain the condition to friends and family, and a guide to discussing the condition with employers and teachers. Visit

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