What Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

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You should definitely avoid certain foods in pregnancy, alcohol is number one. I don't care one drink is not acceptable. Any kind of alcohol is not acceptable, not even a beer, not even sider, not even wine. It is recommended that we don't have anything in addition to what our normal things are.

Number two, you should check with any kind of medication really the safest thing to take in pregnancy is teranol no more trend no more [xx] and all those kind of medications are called none steroidal anti inflammatory. You really should avoid any kind of medication. If you are on medication please check with your physician first before trying to get pregnant.

There are some medications that do affect fetal development and it's important for you to check with your physician first. You should avoid certain food during pregnancy, for example fish high in Mercury for example tile fish and tuna and things like that, you really should try to avoid because of the increase incidence of mercury.

Not only that unpasteurized milk, and also cheeses such as [xx] should really be avoided in pregnancy due to the [xx] that you can develop which is a bacterial infection that cause harm to the fetus and maybe even death. It is important for you to check with your physician if you have any questions about food.

Most importantly everything has to be well done. It is important that you have really good food that is not only healthy, but also cooked appropriately if not you can increase your risk for Salmonella and also [xx] which are two really, really bad bacteria that can make your very sick not only to you but it can also effect the foetus as well.