A Smart Bean for Smooth Skin

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a simple tip for younger looking skin. Chickpeas are a humble bean with lots of benefits. They're full of fiber and healthy protein to help you keep you full and slim. They help fend off high cholesterol and diabetes too. They're also great for your skin. The Manganese in chickpeas helps your skin cells produce energy, and fight wrinkle-causing free radical damage.

They also have Molybdenum, a trace mineral that helps your body process sulphites which are a common food preservative that's hard on your skin. And the folate in chickpeas helps skin cells repair damage from sun and toxins. So eat more chickpeas to look younger. Try them in humus, on salads, or in chilli.

Are they botox in a bowl? Not quite, but they'll do a lot to nourish your beauty from the inside-out. For more ways to stay beautiful and well, check out all our Health Smarts, right here.