What Are Some Good Cancer-Fighting Foods?

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When your looking at cancer fighting foods. Think of four groups. The vegetables and the fruits, those are the first two and you know they are healthy. But also don't neglect the beans and the whole grains. When I say beans, when I'm thinking of when you have to tackle restaurant, instead of that meat taco dripping with cheese have the bean burrito or bean chilies.

They're replacing the foods that can cause cancer but they're high end protein, nutritious and high in fiber. Now when I say whole grains what do I mean? I mean brown rice, instead of white rice. Whole grain breads instead of wheat breads. You put those four together, you are going to do really well.

I want to single out just a couple in particular. We kinda forget garlic and onions and those kind of things, we think they are kind of flavorings, but you know, they are cancer fighters. They contain something called allicin. A allicin and that stops cancer cells from growing. So put it all together you've got a cancer preventive menu there.