Does Drinking Tea Help Prevent Disease?

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So, tea is actually one of the oldest beverages in the world, and it dates back to almost as 10000 years as old as the tea cultivation of tea trees themselves in Asia and in India. So, most people recognize tea to be calming, and indeed research has actually shown that tea can lower blood pressure, tea can also lower cholesterol and help you manage your lipids, and there's a body of evidence now that drinking tea can lower your risk of cancer.

What does it do? We know that tea contains natural cancer fighters called flavanols, and these can make up up to a third of the weight of tea. So, if you actually just take a a bag of tea and weigh it in your hand, and you actually think about the third of the weight of that, that's all cancer fighting material.

The most potent one is actually called, of the cancer fighters is called EGCG or Epigallocatechin-3 gallate. It's a fancy latin word that actually identifies a molecule that not only kills cancer cells directly, but it can also cut off the blood supply that feed cancer cells, so it's a double barreled approach.

So many different teas are out there, but they all pretty much come from the same plant, the tea bush. How you dry it, how you ferment it, how you roast it can all make those subtle differences in the teas. We know that green teas, like plain raw green tea or oolong tea which is actually a type of green tea, those contain the highest concentrations of the cancer fighting flavonoid called EGCG compared to the black tea which is more fermented and often times roasted darker which still has the flavonoids, the cancer fighters, but to a lower amount.

So, when we look at teas, you want look at the teas, the cancer fighting teas are the ones that actually are made of real teas. Herbal teas are mostly herbs, chamomile is a flowering tea, all delicious, all good for you in other different ways, but for cancer fighters you want the tea that comes from the tea bush.