Does Drinking Coffee Prevent Cancer?

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People drink coffee for a lot of different reasons. It's often pick me up in the morning or after a meal, but if you really look at the history of coffee, people recognize for a hundreds or thousands of years even, that coffee had health benefits. We now know that coffee actually fights cancer in a stunning research study done in Italy.

It was discovered that drinking three cups a day can lower your risk of liver cancer by more than 50%. That's pretty significant, when you think about the fact that drinking coffee is something that most people just don't think about their health benefits, they're thinking about how it picks up their mood.

We now know that in coffee are natural cancer fighters, two of them are caffeic acid and a tongue twister called coulo. They actually protect the liver by being anti-oxidant. They prevent a formation and they starve cancers by cutting of their blood supply. So really, this is a triple threat against liver cancer.