4 Simple Hand Exercises for Better Grip Strength

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with some tips to help your grip. Did you know that building hand strength can protect you from disabilities down the road? Your hand grip is also critical to doing daily activities such as walking the dog or carrying groceries. Try these four tips to strengthen your grip. Pop bubble wrap, it turns out that this activity that you enjoyed as a kid can help your hand muscles.

Squeeze a ball or play with clay. Squeeze a tennis ball 10 times, or take a clump of modelling clay and start rolling, punching and squeezing it. These are some activities occupational therapists do with patients, and they'll work for you too. Press your thumb to each fingertip, repeat this 10 times per hand.

For even more benefits, squeeze and hold each thumb and finger for a few seconds. Push against the wall. Hold your hands in front of you and press gently against a wall. This stretch can also help prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome, for more ways to stay strong and healthy, watch all our smart tips right here.