How Is Liver Cancer Treated?

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So the liver cancer can be treated in surgically or medically. I'll talk about more surgical side of the treatment, as the two options of surgical treatment are a body resection, to cut the part of the liver out, to take the tumor out, and in the other one is the liver transplantation, this is to change the entire liver.

So there is some other medical treatment for liver cancer, one is to use drug which is not necessarily a main stay for most common type of liver cancer, but some certain type of liver cancer chemo therapy can be very effective too. Other very effective liver cancer treatment are so called local regional therapy to treat the cancer directly, by the radiology approach.

One is the chemoembolization that is to go through the blood vessel, to put the chemomethery/g on, close the artery, the blood supply to the liver tumor, to cause an eclerosis of the liver cancer, and the other one is radio frequency ablation, is to put the needle directly to the tumor and then burn it.