What Is Chronic Depression?

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[MUSIC] Chronic depression is where somebody is depressed for years and years and they never fully recover from it. So this is a very important when we are treating patients, is that our goal is not just to get somebody better, but to get them well. People could have periods of very deep depression, but never fully recovered in the intervarying periods and they are the ones who will call chronic depressions.

And often, one of the reasons, there are many reasons for it and one other reasons we don't set the correct codes, so once when we feel better we settle for that, and that leads to Chronic Depression so just given an antidote, when I just use a very adequate cure, I say okay, between zero to ten, ten being your normal self, and that's a whole different story.

See normal self means play a moods and normal under circumstance it doesn't mean it has to be all the time, but it's normal and zero being the worst itself going to ask a patient to describe a time in their life because you have memories or feelings associated with memories, memories associated with events.

Describe a time when you were at the ten for a sustained period of time, describe an event or time when you are at zero you're hospitalized or suicidal whatever, and then I say where are you today? So, say a patient comes to me and say I'm a one out of ten and then four weeks later, they come and say oh I'm feeling remarkably better, I'm feeling excellent, they were right then and in a scale of zero to ten where are you? I'm at two.

So, if we did not find a way to categorize this the way I'm doing is very, but at least it has a little bit of numerical [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] I would have settled and thought, okay this patient is doing great, and continue with what we're doing when they are far from being well.

So, the goal is to get people not just better but well, and one of the reasons is we don't fully achieve that goal and people then continue to stay in depression, the longer you're depressed, the more treatment-resistant you become [MUSIC].