What Is a Hunger Scale?

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Hunger scale is a tool we [xx] to allow to assess how hungry you are. Now keep in mind that hunger is a physiological feeling. You can feel weak, tired shaky, cranky, you can hear your stomach growling. If the number is a one, that means that you're not hungry at all. If your hunger is at a 10, that, means you're [xx].

The importance of a hunger scale allows you to determine are you hungry or is it appetite. Appetite is eating due to external cues you might look at your watch and realize, oh, it's one o'clock, time for me to eat, or your co-worker might come in with a tray of brownies and off you run and say yes, I sure I'm hungry, I'll take a brownie.

It's due to external reasons rather than actual physiological hunger, and realizing the difference can actually help you save hundreds of calories per day.