What to Expect From Your Nursey-School Child

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. Parents often ask me if their child's development is normal. Kids develop at different rates and normal is a pretty wide spectrum. Here are some big milestones you can expect from kids who are in nursery school. You'll be amazed at how their language skills are growing.

Most three-year-olds have over 700 words in their vocabulary. They also start using more complex sentences and tell stories, and they're beginning to grasp basic grammar too. Kids this age can follow rules and they're less likely than toddlers to act on impulses. You'll see them develop more patience working to complete a task even if it's kind of hard.

And although they are learning how to play well with other children, they still need guidance with taking turns and sharing. Don't be surprised if they develop a reach fantasy life and even an imaginary friend. Kids are also developing a more sophisticated sense of time. They understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Finally, kids are starting to dress themselves at this age. Your child may put on their own shoes but not necessarily on the right foot. That comes next. I'm Dr. Altmann, for more ways to raise happy, healthy kids, check out all our smart tips.