5 Ways to Sneak More Nutrition into Kids' Meals

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. Are you always trying to get your kids to eat better? Try these sneaky strategies to boost the nutrition in kid-approved food. All kids love smoothies. Smart smoothie add-ins include Greek yoghurt, fresh or frozen fruit or antioxidant rich cocoa powder, add some kale or other greens to the mix too.

With all the fruit and other ingredients, kids won't even taste it. You can even add a dash of Omega-3 rich flaxseed oil, kids will never taste it and the Omega-3 will help boost immunity and heart health, and promote brain growth. Tomato-rich spaghetti sauce is another winner especially when you combine it with whole wheat pasta.

Make it even better by adding mint steamed carrots or stirring in pureed baby food carrots, your kids will never notice the extra veggies. When you make tuna salad, go easy on the mayo and add finely chopped celery, you can even stir in mashed, canned, white bean fad fiber. Chicken nuggets are another thing, the fast food versions are a nutritional waste land, that's easy fix at home, just use whole-wheat breadcrumbs and bake, don't fry the chicken.

When you make pancakes, boost the butter with whole-grain flour and flaccid milk to add healthy Omega-3 and I tell all my patients' parents to add oblande to the butter. It adds fiber and nutrition for the whole family, while you're at it, stir in some blueberries too. I'm Dr. Altmann, for more ways to nourish your family's health, check out all our smart tips.