Dr. Tamar Chansky - How can I help my partner cope with their anxiety?

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When your partner is anxious, often you may get frustrated because you can't just take anxiety away, you think why am I not able to help my partner feel better? Are they not trusting me, are they not listening to me? The first thing is don't personalize it. They are anxious not because of what you are saying or not saying, because they have anxiety, but what you can do that's really helpful is to accept their feelings, if you're not challenging them, or telling them that they are silly to be worrying or they don't need to worry about it then they are more likely to be able to calm down and listen to what you have to say rather than feeling like they have to convince you of why they are scared.

Make sure that you let them know that you really want to help, that's why you are there, and finally try to help your partner to separate themselves from the worry. So you can do that by saying, right, worry does sound that way, or worry does do that to all of us, it makes us think that way, I wonder if there is another way that you're thinking about this, or that you'd like to think about this, that may help them to know, that they have choices and how to think and that's really what the goal is.