What are the Most Common Side Effects of Prescription Drugs?

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Let's talk about side effects for a minute because I wrote the book on it, it's called Drug Muggers. Okay, so I did a shameless promotion, but you know what, my book Drug Muggers is saving lives. You need to know that every medication you take, whether it's prescription or over the counter, has the ability to rob your body of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals that you need to produce thyroid hormone, that you need to sleep well, that you need for pretty skin, that you need to watch this video, you need your vitamins and minerals and they're getting mugged by your medicine.

Now if your doctor doesn't know this, you're gonna present with a symptom and he's just gonna put the power in the prescription pad and he's gonna order a new medication. On the medication merry-go-round you go and it's a hard ride to get off. So you need to understand that if you have some unexplained, unwanted or uncomfortable side effect like you're tired or you're nauseous or you have cardiac complications or your hair is falling out or anything even the bizarre things.

It could be related to the drug mugging effect. Now a classic example of this is with women who take medications for birth control pills or for menopause. These are estrogen-containing hormones and they can wipe the body clean seleneam, magnesium, zinc, B9 which is folic acid and other B vitamins.

Now what happens is, you start to feel bad after a few months or maybe a year or two. Suddenly you're depressed, you're holding on to weight, you don't know what's going on, you're not interested in sex cuz your libido's crushed, it's all due to the drug nutrient depletion effect.

What I call the drug mugging effect and for pennies a day, you can put back what medication stole and get back to life. You don't need a bazillion medicines. You just need to put back a few nutrients that are stolen by your medicine. Marry your medication with the right nutrients and you'll feel better all the way.