What are the Most Common Prescription Drugs That Cause Side Effects?

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Some common drugs that cause side effect include those heartburn medications. you know the acid blockers? Careful not to burp when you go to the doctors because you're going to wind up on a prescription for heartburn, forever. These drugs have the ability to rob your body of every single nutrient.

Remember they're lowering the acid and they're increasing the pH, this means that you won't be able to absorb or extract any of the nutrients from your food that you need. So acid blocking medications are drug muggers of everything. Now corticosteroids commonly used for allergies and pain syndromes, these also can steal certain B vitamins that you need.

Okay, birth control pills, these have the ability to steal B vitamins, and minerals, and this can cause mood problems, and here's a surprise. You love that cup of Joe in the morning? Coffee is a drug mugger of iron, and magnesium, and without that over the long haul you're going to feel very tired, you might even become tearful.

So, if you're taking any of these drugs, or drinking coffee, you need to supplement, and put back what the medication stole. And that way you'll feel your best.