What Are the Symptoms of ADHD in Adults?

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Some of the cause or common symptoms of ADHD in adults is distractibility, forgetfulness, procrastination, difficulty tying up loose ends of a project once the project has been started, easily getting frustrated, a lower frustration tolerance and simple forgetfulness and when you look at a person's life, you'll see chaos taking the place in many forms.

So sometimes I ask a person to take a snapshot of your desk, and that tells me so much in terms of the disorganization, you'll find bills every place, they can't find their cheque book, they can't find the pens, they even didn't even know that they had bills to pay. So as a result of having all these symptoms that we mentioned of difficulty focusing, irritability, some people have restlessness, some people have that motor excitability so that they can't sit still, they're interrupting people, they're fidgeting.

A constellation of sort of physical symptoms, and emotional symptoms and cognitive or mental symptoms and you put this all together you can only imagine how much havoc is being caused in people's lives as a result of ADHD.