How Can Men Increase Their Chances of Success with Weight Loss?

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I often find that male patients that I'm working with ask about weight loss and it's really important to see what helped you when you were younger. I find that a lot of men would say, when I was in my teens and in my 20s, I used to play a lot of sports and weight lose wasn't the fore front of my mind.

I was really just enjoying myself and the pounds came off and so I'd ask you the same question, what is it that you really enjoy in your life right now and how can we incorporate that in some form of physical activity? So people would say I would love to play game of pick up basket ball or I really enjoy hiking and I just don't get enough of a chance, and then I would you why not?

What's holding you back? People say I don't have time, I don't have the resources, I have kids and I would say perhaps as we get older, it's more important for us to become more creative when it comes to weight loss issues. So you think of ways you can become more physically active, and perhaps this mean involve in incorporating your family members because that would be a way of you to spending time together and also trying to loose weight.

So physical activity in addition to watching obviously what you eat is going to be very important in trying to be able to increase exercise and physical activity and ultimately weight loss in your life.