How Can I Consistently Stay Motivated to Lose Weight?

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It's very difficult for some people to stay consistently motivated to loose weight and so I ask people to either create lists or perhaps keep images of what they want to look like, if there was a picture of a former self perhaps it was your wedding day, for a lot of people it is that the day that they were in their best shape, perhaps it was when you run your marathon, whatever it is that inspires you, that invigorates you, that gives you some form of a challenge but reminds you of when you were at your best self, and perhaps you may feel like you were never at your best self.

Well maybe it's a picture of somebody else then, but one thing that's important is to be realistic right, like you're never going to be 14 again, and if you're trying to fit into some more but is unrealistic, perhaps a time or a person that you know you'll just never be don't fool yourself with that.

So pick a realistic image, perhaps it's not even a body image, perhaps it's an image of a mountain and you say to yourself, you know what, this is something I want to do, I want to go hiking, I want to climb that mountain, I want to go tracking, so images of other physical activity, perhaps it's a physical self, and a list of reasons, I tell people that having a list of reasons can be extremely motivating when you're feeling like you're falling off the wagon, put top three reasons that you want to stay motivated on your refrigerator, and the next time you reach for the refrigerator or even your desk drawer, having that list will remind you coming back to the values of why you're trying to lose weight, and the images of perhaps of why you want to lose weight.