What Is Chemo Brain?

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Chemo brain is one of those expressions that patients coined way before the professional community understood about, but over the years, back into I guess the mid 80s and on forward, many people said during and after their Chemo, I can't remember stuff like I used to. This became so much disturbing because many patients reported that it remained long after their chemotherapy or sometimes even after radiation therapy and someone called the chemo brain.

We've done a lot of investigation about this. Many people are still think just because you are nervous, you accept you have chemo therapy or radiation therapy but that is not so, it is there is a biological component and an environmental component. The most up to date pathology study show that the nerve cells themselves are not affected by chemotherapy, but the support structures, the little bridges that hold the nerves cells in place and allow them to line up so that information can be passed through all the nervous system is affected and if those support cells or structural cells are busted, then the nerve cells line up and the transmission can't happen through the nerve cells.

And we know particularly that chemo brain maybe a function of hormonal aspect of care because so many more patients with breast cancer and prostrate cancer complain about it. We also do know that some people are really left with an inability to perform to their own usual standards and we believe that the two areas that are most affected are doing a few things at the same time, or multitasking as we say, or learning new information.

Sometimes people say Chemo Brain is a memory problem, but actually Chemo Brain seems to be a problem of encoding the new information or putting it in, so that you can retrieve it when it's time to remember it.