How Can Adding Cocoa Powder to My Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

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So cocoa-butter is fantastic, it's only 10 calories per tablespoon and it really will help that sweet craving, so you can add to yogurt, you can add it to cereal, you can add it to something like almond milk and really get a lot of that flavor that we're craving that have very low calorie.

So you're still getting a lot of healthy nutritious foods like fruits and yogurt but you're not getting the fat and the sugar. The most think that chocolate is in when we think when we think about candies and pastries and things like that. So chocolate is made up cocoa, the cocoa bean, and in it it's supposed to lower cortisol levels and make you feel more satisfied, so then you're not going to go towards the pastries and the cakes and the cookies and things like that.