What Vaccines and Preventive Care Should I Get If I Have MS?

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So the question of vaccine's always been a little troubled because there is some evidence that the older vaccines like tetanus and diphtheria and so on may not be always indicated in MS patients because they may stimulate the disease. There's controversy about that, it hasn't been fully studied flu vaccine is probably okay but some patients who've had exacerbation after vaccines would not like to do it the following year.

Any patient who has a cardio-pulmonary condition or is over 65 we just generally let them take all the vaccines that they can take, but I think I would say the best sort of answer would be to individualize ask your doctor because there are many circumstances that a patient's individual immune system state would determine whether you should take a vaccine and on that, and that is what I would tell a patient.

Preventing care would depend on finding the cause of MS so there isn't any real preventive care. There is some evidence that MS occurs more frequently in patients with low Vitamin D levels, so that's becomes very common in families that have MS, they'll check the Vitamin D levels of kids and make sure it's normal, and that may, in 10 or 20 years we'll figure it out whether that actually had an impact on the incident of MS.

I know they're doing this in Scotland for example where there is a very high incident of MS and very low Vitamin D levels.