What Are Some Ideas for Packing a Healthy School Lunch for My Child?

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When your child is bringing their lunch to school, we have these awesome little inflated lunch boxes these days and you can put a frozen water in there frozen bottle of water to keep it cool, so you can include healthier foods for them. Have your child help you plan their lunches, you can have omelette, you can have vegetables because kids love to deep stuff, you can do peanut butter and jelly or almond butter and banana, you can make fun foods you can also have left overs from dinner from the night before have a piece of fruit, make sure again its water and not soda that you are putting in those bags.

Even a bag maybe some backed chips, because kids like that too, so have your kid get in help you make that lunch and then they'll be invested and wanting to eat it and not be trading it off for some hoho's at the cafeteria. When you're packing your child's lunch for school remember homemade is best. Some of those pre-packaged lunch for schools with the lunch and eat and the cheese and the crackers, they are loaded with sodium, some of them have nitrites some of them even have transacts, you don't want your child eating that, not only will you save money when you do it yourself but your kid will be having a healthier lunch.