How Much Yogurt Do I Have to Eat to Improve My Digestion?

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Yogurt is a really healthy food, and it's been around for hundreds of years, and we know that the live active cultures in yogurt, this is regular yogurt not frozen yogurt we're talking about, are actually very good for your gut. There's thousands, and thousands of healthy bacteria that live in your gastrointestinal tract, and these bacteria are a huge part of your immune system.

So eating and recolonizing your gastrointestinal tract with things like yogurt is really good for you. How much you should eat, well, that depends on your weight, whether you're trying to lose weight, your age, so if you're going to have some yogurt with live active cultures, maybe once a day, a cup a day, maybe a few times a week, it's fine as long as you're eating it overall healthy diet, and that's what's important to know, is to keep your gut healthy you want those healthy foods everyday.

The fruits, the vegetables, the whole grains and the lower non-fat dairy like the yogurt. Have you ever heard of probiotic? Well a probiotic is that healthy bacteria that live in your gastrointestinal tract and keep your immune system system strong, and a probiotic is actually kind of bacteria, a good bacteria, you heard of an antibiotic that helps us kill the bad bacteria, but a probiotic are the bacteria that we want to have in our gut, and it's found in fermented foods like yogurt.

There's live active cultures in yogurt and certainly in the supplement industry that sells probiotics is a huge booming industry in this country. There are many, many kinds of probiotics, and research shows that some of them help with things is like antibiotic induced diarrhea or other diarrheal diseases that children and adults may have that can really help reduce those symptoms and help you heal.

In terms of your daily life with probiotics, the research is still ongoing in terms of how much you need and where to get it, but if you want to have some nonfat yoghurt everyday, or a few times a week, there's just nothing wrong with that.