How Is Stomach Cancer Diagnosed?

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If you've persistence symptoms, if you've abdominal pain that's not going away with anti-acid. If you're nauseated feeling full loosing weight. These are not symptoms you should ignore, you don't have to be a 75 year old man to have stomach cancer. You can be a 35 year old woman with stomach cancer.

So these are symptoms you absolutely need to pay attention to. Go to your doctor, ask for a test called upper endoscopy, this is a test done by gastroenterologist. It's a very simple test, it takes literally five to ten minutes to do. We give you a light sedative we take a long flexible tube with a camera and a light on the end, it's inserted through the mouth, down the oesophagus and into the stomach.

We can see not just cancer we can see ulcers we can see precancerous lesions, it's all about early diagnosis because early diagnosis of stomach cancer can be cured, we diagnose stomach cancer late when it spread to other organs often we're just looking to release symptoms and we can't do anything to cure the cancer at that stage, so it's so important if you have symptoms go to a doctor and ask for this test, be persistent don't let anybody give you a pat on the head and say you just stressed out.

You really need to pursue this if you have these worrisome symptoms.