The Sweetener Your Pancreas Hates

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Hi, I'm Doctor Miller and here is a tip that can help reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer. Skip sweetened drinks, fructose can be found everywhere in sweetened sodas, teas even fruit cocktails. It not only packs on calories but now there's a new reason to avoid it. A recent lab study found that fructose helps pancreatic cancer cells grow and divide.

Other research has suggested that dietary fructose can also boost the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. One study found that people with pancreatic cancer had 2 and 1/2 more fructose in their blood than people without it. While this form cancer is rare it's deadly, because it's usually not discovered until advanced stages. The best way to avoid this disease is by eating a healthy diet filled with whole unprocessed foods including fruit.

And when you need to quench your thirst, forget those sweetened drinks reach for unsweetened tea or just plain water, both are great for your body. For smart ways to nourish your health watch all our health smarts right here.