Don't Fall for Empty Calorie Promises from Natural Sugar Ads

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a nutrition tip that will help save your heart and your waist line. You've probably heard about food makers replacing high fruit corn syrup with real sugar and everything from ketchup up to crackers. The truth is added sugar of any kind has no redeeming nutritional value, but food manufactures want you to think that real or natural sugar is better for your health, don't fall for it.

All added sugars and syrup pump your body full of empty calories, send your blood sugar soaring and gum up proteins in ways that load your arteries with lousy LDL cholesterol. Currently Americans gobble up an average of 22 teaspoon of added sugars each day. That's two to three times what your body can handle.

The American Heart Association wants women to top out at six to seven teaspoons a day and met at 10 teaspoon a day. Whether added sugars come from table sugar, organic brown sugar, or raspberry syrup, they subtract from your health. Here's a smart goal. Zero added sugars in your diet and blood sugar below 110.

Anything higher ages your arteries which ultimately ages every part of you. Watch more of great health tips right here.