Are All Food Addicts Fat?

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One question that often comes up, is this idea that are all food addicts overweight? And the fact of the matter is not necessary, it is likely, absolutely they are thinking about food all the time, they are often eating a lot more, however there some people who find themselves pre-occupied, and then they don't give into it related my own personal story here, because I think with any addictions, when you've been addicted to something, it's really hard to break away from it, and I've struggled a lot with this whole concept of food addiction and constantly thinking about food.

I have managed to get my weight down, but I still struggle with it. I still say that I am sort of like a food addict in recovery and yet I am sort of underweight, I'm very very comfortable at and that's a very healthy weight, but it still does sometimes fill my thoughts especially at times of stress.

You maybe what thinking gosh I do have some of these symptoms, but infact I'm not over weight, it doesn't mean you may not not be suffering from food addiction and it means that some of the tips we've given like for example: Don't bring the cookies into the house. That's still a great tip, and like I said I'm living it.

I really try not to bring the junk food into my house because then it becomes my quick go-to late at night which is when I often do succumb to the stress and the tiredness and the emotion. So I think everybody has to assess that for themselves, but bottom line just because you're a food addict doesn't necessarily mean you're overweight.

This is something that starts in your head and that's very emotional in nature.