What Is a Healthy Holiday Eggnog Recipe?

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Well eggnog as we all know is delicious but it comes with a hefty dose of calories, on average 360 calories and about 8 lollipops worth of sugar, fats and it's just too much. So I'd like to create a swap. I call it the vegan-fit eggnog and it's so simple to make. You basically take almond milk unsweetened, put in a blender, frozen banana, a little maple syrup or you can use vanilla stevia, half an avocado and some seasoning, some pumpkin spice.

I prefer the kind that has cardamom and lemon peel in the pumpkin spice ingredients, because that's an extra shot of antioxidants, a little nutmeg and just blend it and enjoy. It's really tasty and you could top it off with some pure cocoa, a little bit of cinnamon antioxidants, joy and a good holiday.