What Herbal Remedies Are Helpful for Sleep?

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For many patients when I first see a patient who's having difficulty with sleep, instead of going to the sleeping pills first, what I try to encourage them to do is gets some of the Over The Counter supplements that are available. And the reason why I like doing that is because it becomes part of a plan that I put in place for patients and I know that they're not going to get addicted to this medications.

We're not going to see the side effects that you typically see with your Over The Counter sleeping pills, that have anti histamines or your prescription medication and its something that they can use, along with again a plan that includes, a regular routine. Same time to bed, same wake up time, making sure you're getting the right amount of sleep, and you want to create a relaxing bedtime routine and taking those natural substances one or two hours before as part of a relaxing bedtime routine.

Believe it or not, it sounds like it wouldn't be helpful but it really can make a difference. And what I will tell patients, I will forewarn them. After years of bad habits and coping with your day, in a way that really sacrifices your sleep, you'll find it's like exercise. If you've never exercised before, as you start to exercise you may not feel so great in the beginning.

But it will make a difference for you, and the same thing with sleep. So you start slow, sometimes your sleep actually gets worse, before it gets better but after a month, if you are consistence you will see a big difference and it will make a tremendous impact on your health and well being.

So, when I am putting up together plan for patients who comes and having this problem is asleep, one of the recommendation I will make is, get over the counter melatone and you can melaton. What melatone actually does is, help to reduce set the clock. So unfortunately, many of us are not keeping a regular schedule is great for people who are travelers, people who have erratic schedules, to help get their clock back in sink, so that they can fall asleep at night.

So melatone really is a good one to use and then there is some other over the counter substances. There's some that use passion flower extract which is a mile natural substance that can help create sedation, that will help you sleep at night. Another really good one to use, believe it or not is very common for people to have difficulty with muscle cramps and we've problems sometimes with disorder called rustle leg syndromes and the other [XX] name pure [XX] moving for sleep and we tend to see these muscle cramps are problems especially in women who are pregnant.

What a lot of people don't realize is that can be maybe from Calcium or Magnesium deficiency. So, you can get over the counter Calcium Magnesium 600 milligrams of Calcium, 400 milligrams of Magnesium that can help. Another thing that people can experience is pain. When you're not sleeping well at night, it actually increases your sensitivity to pain.

So, doing things that will help decrease the pain, can help you stabilize your sleep at night and simply taking two baby aspirins combined with another natural substance called five HTP. Five HTP is converted into ceratonin. Ceratonin is a very important nerve transmitter. Its very important for good quality sleep.

Not only is ceratonin good for sleep, it also helps to decrease the sensitivity to pain. So, you can use aspirn and 5HTP if you're having difficulty with pain at night. You could try it and see if it helps.