What Herbal Remedies Are Helpful for Sleep?

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Research is now showing that sleep medications can increase your risk of death by three times even if you take just two sleeping pills a month, so you really want to look at some underlying again reasons as to why you're not sleeping, I look at a natural remedies. One of my new favorites that I found is glycene.

Glycene's a non-essential calming amino acid that's found in high protein food like meats, and chicken and legumes, and what it does is, that it'll change these brain wave patterns that contribute to deep non-REM sleep and so with that you could actually get a deeper faster sleep without that morning hangover flubby feeling, so it's a great choice.

Another suggestion for sleep are herbal combinations, you could find any brand especially of Valerian and Passion flower. I like Passion flower particular because most people before they go to bed they're really having a hard time winding down on that mental chatter so Passion flower is a wonderful or herb that helps sue that, and you can find that in tea.

Again in combination with Valerian, and Chamomile, where those two also come in, capsule form so if you try that about half an hour to an hour before bed and I think it's a great choice.